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About is a non-monetized, nonprofit, educational online archive of skin disease hoaxes. It is moderated by an international team of healthcare professionals, dermatologists, and a psychologist. Our goal is to provide a public resource on skin disease hoaxes and to address some of the concerns people may have after seeing the images.

Hoaxes are nothing new to medicine, but with the advent of the internet, hoaxes have a new visual medium to spread across the world! The Archive will be a reference that continually collects information on new and old skin hoaxes, and compiles them in one place.

We appreciate you taking time to visit this website and contribute to skin disease hoax awareness.


Keith Wagner, M.D., M.S. Editor-in-Chief
Janice Wilson, M.D. Editor
Julie Croley, M.D. Editor
Yuki Yamada, PhD. Editor

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